One of the most important decisions your clients will make in their lifetime is how to plan for retirement. RetirementBrain is here to help.


Other retirement planning tools are limited to illustrating only one retirement option with a "one size fits all" comparison. RetirementBrain allows you to compare multiple options, customized with your numbers, in an interactive and collaborative environment.

RetirementBrain helps you tell the story of permanent life insurance and relates it back to your client in 4 critical ways: 

  • Market Volatility - Just how exposed is your client's current retirement plan? Alternative solutions such as an IUL can provide protections from market downturns.
  • Income Longevity - How long will their retirement income last? Supplement with income that lasts a lifetime.
  • Tax Deferred vs Tax Free - There's a difference and it can be costly. There are valuable tax benefits to planning with insurance.
  • Fees - Compare the fees in a traditional plan to those in an IUL. You can offer your client relief from excessive fees.

Let RetirementBrain help your clients make informed decisions about their retirement planning.

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